Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to clean a fish and recipe for steamed fish

It is no secret that I enjoy seafood. I would tag along my dad to the pasar/ wet market early Saturday mornings ( my mother could never stand the stench of a wet market). I loved market days because it was always just the two of us. I was taught at a very early age to always look out for freshness and quality of whatever produce we were purchasing that day.. By the age of 9, I was an old hand at choosing fish and picking out the live chicken at the pasar that would be freshly slaughtered and cleaned on the spot. When choosing fresh whole fish look out for:

- firm flesh
- clear and bright eyes ( no sunken eyes)
- all scales attached
- bright red gills
- no funky smell, fresh fish should smell like the sea
- slippery skin
- bright and natural colour

Steamed Red Snapper With Ginger Sauce
Minced ginger brightens the flavour of the sweet fish. Served with steamed rice, it is quick, delicious for a weekday meal and elegant enough for company.

1 whole snapper (medium) - gutted
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tb minced ginger

Wash and pat dry fish. Rub the salt all over the fish and sprinkle minced ginger on the fish and set in a steamer. Steam for 10-15 minutes (this depends on the thickness of the fish).

1 tb light soy sauce
2 tb dark soy sauce
2 tb stock
1/4 tsp sugar
2 cloves garlic - thinly sliced
1 tb peanut oil
2 tsp sesame oil
2 scallions - sliced thinly for garnish

Heat peanut oil in a small pan and fry the thinly sliced garlic till crisp. Set garlic chips aside for garnish and remove the pan from heat.

Once the fish comes out of the steamer , pour out any juices that may have accumulated from the steaming. Heat the pot of oil again on medium heat and pour in both soy sauces, stock and sugar. Bring to a boil. This does not take long, maybe only 3 minutes.Take off heat, swirl in sesame oil and pour over the steamed fish. Sprinkle garlic chips and sliced scallions and serve immediately.


Peter M said...

I share your love of seafood and I have to try this Asian-flavoured method.

Maya said...

peter - What I love about this recipe is that it is quick and simple.

backstreetgluttons said...

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Maya said...

backstreetgluttons - thanks!

Salt N Turmeric said...

I have a confession to make. I dont know how to clean a fish. I took home science and my mom tried so hard to teach me but I just cant do it. All my 3 bros know how to. The last time I 'did' it, i spent hours and suffice to say the fish were in horrible condition when i was done. Lol!

But that steamed fish in ginger soy sauce, oolala! Im drooling!

Lo said...

mmm. I'm also enamoured of seafood, and only wish we lived in a location that got more fresh (not frozen) fare. I'd cook a great deal MORE fish.

I'm also going to thank you. I cook fish all sorts of ways, but I never steam it. This looks like a nice segue into a new technique!

Jude said...

Cool video. Thanks for the tips and pointers!

Maya said...

salt n turmeric - you could get them freshly cleaned at the fish counter :)

lo- thank you!

jude - you are most welcome.

jo said...

this is the best method of cooking fresh snapper! i learned my fish cleaning method through trial and error! but if i can get it cleaned at the market, i'm every so happier.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Maya, of course i only by fish that can be cleaned by them. lol!

Dhanggit said...

Its my eldest sister who adores seafood at home. We often tell her she should have married a fisherman LOL unfortunately she doesnt know how to cook much more how to clean a fish :-) your post is so useful for person like my sister hahaha, love your photos! hmmm steamed fish is so exquisite!

Maya said...

jo - I agree. The fish guy makes my life way simpler!!

salt n turmeric - ;)

djanggit - thank you!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Great technique. I love fish and do miss the wet markets. Sometimes even the stench is welcome. ;)