Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Amai and Earl Grey & Currant Cookies

It has been awhile since I posted restaurant reviews. It is not that we have been not been eating out or trying new places. It is just that ... the food has been a let down somewhat. What do you do..keep giving bad reviews and just don't post if the food or the service is way below par? Should I go back to give the restaurant a second chance? I am not sure.

Brunch at Craftbar was uninspiring which was too bad. I had read good reviews about it and really like Tom Callichio especially his sometime razor sharp comments on the Top Chef show. The restaurant was not crowded and our server slowly ambled over and handed us our menu. The demeanor was one of boredom and disinterest Ok, maybe the food will make up for it I thought. Not a chance. I had the baked eggs with shisito pepper, short ribs, fingerling potatoes and Ibarra chocolate. Sounds delish.

It was salt or a hint of chocolate. As you can see in the picture above, there is dusting of some kind...but I did not taste any chocolate. Brad's was not happy with his brunch and kept saying that we should have gone to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. The cosmo was good though :)

We walked around and did some shopping and I thirsted for some tea and Brad was in a foul mood. I knew for sure that chocolate will save the day and I have been wanting to go to Amai since it opened. I just hoped that it would be better than our Craftbar experience.

They have a wonderful selection of teas and the cookies are made with its own unique blend of spices and tea. Some of them are Earl Grey and currants, lemongrass and ginger, chai almond and the wildly popular green tea cookies. They are also have a myriad of variation of luscious brownies. The cookies and brownies are available on-line as well. The decadent chocolate brownie hit the spot for Brad :) I loved the Earl Grey cookies with currants so much that I came home and whipped up a batch.

It may not be exactly the same taste as the cookies at Amai but it was pretty close. I added 2 tablespoon of crushed Earl Grey tea leaves to my basic shortbread recipe. It was just perfect with a cup of tea!

Amai Tea & Bake House
171 3rd Ave
New York NY 10003

900 Broadway
New York, NY


this single spark said...

Ha! So weird... was just on Tracy's blog admiring the chair that they are looking after and thinking, "It reminds me of something... but what?" And now I know what. Those lovely tea cups. What are they called? Depression glass? That's not right...

Oh ya, and food looks AMAZING as always!

this single spark said...
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this single spark said...

(Which is mostly a comment on your food photography, by the way, since I did actually read your post and I know that you didn't make all that. Though your cookies look nicer!)

Anonymous said...

Craft bar did have very clean and stylish washrooms. The window seats were very nice, just the rite size for a romantic brunch for two. Yet there was still room to squeeze in a family of 5 with two wailing children. Made the long wait for the food, the lack of water and the non presence of the staff forgettable. B

Maya said...

Hi Cat:

It is jadeite. Brad bought on his last trip to MB.

What do you think? Should we go back there one more time before we write it off?