Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Broccoli And Stilton Soup

Christmas and New Year came and went and so much else went on at the same time. Life happens and things get put on hold for awhile. I am trying to get my groove back and hope to have more regular posts. This soup is NOT part of a New Year's resolution! I am not Ed Levine ( he is going on a diet... probably bilious with all that feasting)

I got two lovely cookbooks from Brad among other things for Christmas. Nigella's Nigella Express is one of it. Brad is a big fan of Nigella ;) My fridge has been full for what seemed like weeks. I vowed to use every bit of cheese, fruit and vegetable before I go out grocery shopping again. I was also eager to crack open the new cookbook. I had what I needed to make this soup and I got chopping.

I used fresh broccoli instead of frozen ones. It is just what I had on hand. I also cut down the amount of Stilton in the soup. Don't get me wrong, I love my blue cheese but I felt one cup and a half of Stilton would be over the top for my palate. The original recipe also called for fresh red chili pepper but I used freshly ground Sarawakian black pepper that I have been hoarding (things that come back in our luggage!). This quick soup is thick, creamy and comforting. I loved it!

Broccoli And Stilton Soup adapted from Nigella Express

2 Tb olive oil - vegetable oil is fine
1 1/2 Tb minced garlic
2 lbs fresh broccoli - chopped
1 medium onion - minced
2 tsp thyme - I used dried thyme
5 cups vegetable stock
1/4 cup crumbled Stilton cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Heat a stock pot on medium heat. Quickly saute minced garlic, add onions and saute for 5 minutes. Don't let the garlic burn as it will turn bitter. Add chopped broccoli and thyme to the pot. I peeled the tough broccoli stalk, chopped it up as well and added it to the pot. It cooks through and will not be stringy. Let it cook for another 3-4 minutes or so and add vegetable stock and crumbled creamy Stilton cheese. Bring the soup to a bubble and boil with the lid on the pot for 7 minutes. The broccoli should be cooked by now. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Turn off heat.

The next step is crucial as you could end up scalding yourself if you are not careful. I am speaking from experience as I have been a victim of hot soup. Let the soup cool down a bit before you puree it in a blender or food processor. Immersion blender would work like a charm here because all the ingredients have been chopped up into small pieces.

Makes 9 cups.


Anonymous said...

so digestible!


Kevin said...

I have had cheddar in broccoli soup and it was good but stilton sounds even better.

Anonymous said...

I also find that Lancashire Cheese or any crumbly cheese works well. I make my soup in the microwave though as I am a busy mother of three. All done in 10 minutes and only one bowl and one chopping board to wash.
Lucy San

Jan said...

Cooked the onions in garlic oil, then just popped in EVERTHING and cooked for about 15 mins, blended WOW